Proximity (RFID) Entry Systems

Proximity RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Cards or Keyfobs work by emitting a unique radio signal to a reading device that either recognizes the signal or refuses it. If the signal is recognized as one that is programmed and stored in the access control systems memory, then the system will grant access and electrically unlock whatever type of locking device the system is controlling.

By holding a small fob or card near the reader, from 4" to 24" depending on the model, will activate an electric strike, magnetic lock, or any other type of electrically unlocked locking device. The reader can be mounted inside or behind the wall in areas where vandalism is a problem. Some of the stand alone readers even have a keypad built in to use for programming right at the door. Or for establishing the highest degree of security by requiring dual credentials, the use of the Card or Keyfob and a PIN number.

Just a few years ago, these types of systems cost thousands of dollars. Today they start at a few hundred dollars. Please call us at Suffolk County Locksmith, Inc., if you would like more information or help designing a proximity card entry system, whether it is for a single door or a thousand doors, we can help provide you with the information, sales, installation and service that you may need.

Programming is easy to do. On some systems a separate programmer is needed. On others, a PC or notebook computer is used. A laptop or PC can also be used to program the system and do audit trails (who entered and when) or to create a predetermined automatic locking and unlocking schedule for the door that is being controlled.

These systems are very cost effective since unlike conventional keys, proximity cards and fobs can be re-used and re-issued.

Increase your security, reduce your liability and save thousands in loss prevention !