Digital Keypad Entry Systems

These are really digital keypads that are hardwired into some type of electrically activated locking device. The keypad is mounted outside the door, and it usually controls an Electric Strike, Electro-magnetic Lock, or some other type of eletrically released lock. The electronics on some models are mounted inside of the building, in a secure place for added security, while others have self contained control boards built directly into the keypad itself.

Keypad entry is particularly well-suited for where the building owner or manager may want to be able to add and delete users at will or for people who find it difficult to insert and turn a key in a regular lock. The buttons are easy to depress and come in a variety of keypad designs.

Suffolk County Locksmith, Inc., can provide you with a keypad style that is right for you. Some of the typical styles are surface and flush mounted for walls, narrow style for installation directly on or in narrow door frames and ruggedized vandal proof units designed for the harshest enviorments. For extra security, many of these devices will shut down or enter a lockout mode after a preset number of wrong combinations are attempted. They will recyle on again after a few minutes. This makes them extremely difficult to defeat.They cannot be picked or manipulated open. Most of these systems are weather-proof and very rugged. They work just about anywhere. They are tough and very versatile.

Suggested Uses: On your business.

For employee entrance into controlled or restricted areas. When controlling an electric lock or strike the relay can be set so it's timed to open or close for a pre-determined period. This is called a momentary closure of the relay. Most keypads can also be set for latching, which means that when the correct code is entered, the relay will toggle (open or close). It will remain that way until the code is entered again.

You can have more than one combination so each person will have a unique code.

On your home.

You can put a temporary code in for a baby-sitter or house-keeper and then erase or change it by yourself right at the keypad.

You can control an electric garage door and unlike the very inexpensive keypads being sold through the home centers, with this keypad you'll have a high security locking system that can't be opened.

You can put a temporary code in for a baby-sitter or house-keeper and then erase or change it by yourself right at the keypad.

With the master code you can add or delete new codes at any time with ease.