Access Control/Buzzer Systems

Q: What is Access Control ?

A: A system which enables you to control access to areas in a physical facility. It is the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons.

Our Melville Locksmiths know the importance of being able to control access to your company's assets. Access Control is an advanced security technique used to centrally or locally manage employee entrances and exits at specific openings and times. We will customize and install a solution to ensure the highest levels of security and cost-effectiveness.

Our expert Melville Locksmiths can provide comprehensive training to our customers. A customized access control system, whether it be a simple low cost stand alone design or Internet accessible with remote systems operation will ensure that you, your customers, employees and physical assets will be protected at all times.

Suffolk County Locksmith, Inc., Access Control solutions achieve increased security and improved performance by controlling the entry and exit of all personnel and vehicles, and monitoring activity throughout your facilities in real-time. Our systems can detect and report abnormal events like intrusion attempts, forced entry, attempts to use restricted doors, and integrated systems such as fire, tamper or other hazard alarms. Networked systems allow system operators to update user profiles and schedule events from a central location, eliminating the need to go to the access point (door). Further, every use of every access point can be recorded through the system's audit feature.

NEW... Wireless High Security
Medeco Logic Wireless Electronic Access Control

Logic is a new electromechanical product line that consists of digital keys and digital cylinders. Logic offers most of the functionality of more sophisticated access control systems. It includes features like scheduling, audit trails, and the ability to easily add and delete user keys. However, Logic installs without any wiring, door or frame modifications, or additional hardware. In fact, most doors can be upgraded to Logic in less than five minutes. The Logic product family includes Rim, Mortise, Key-In-Knob cylinders, deadbolts—both in commercial and residential styles—padlocks, and cam locks.

  • Flexibility and Control
  • Digital Masterkeying
  • Audit Trails
  • Add or Remove User Keys
  • Instant Rekeying
  • Easy Installation
  • Program Cylinders or Keys
  • Proven Key Control
  • Aesthetics
  • System Management