Transponder & Laser Cut Computer Chip Keys


Transponders are factory installed anti-theft devices that are embedded into the Bow of most new car keys and comes with the car. They provide for radio transmission between the car and the key. This radio transmission allows for a key to be programmed to only start a specific, individual car. Thus, only the person who is in possession of a car's transponder key will be able to start and drive it. Transponder keys reduce the opportunity for car thieves to steal a car.

A transponder key blank which has been cut, but that has not been programmed, may crank or temporarily start the car, but will then cease to continue running and may also send a theft code to the cars computer possibly preventing a programmed key from then starting the car ! Some transponder keys can be added to the cars computer system via on-board programming procedures, but most require expensive programming tools and software to open communications between the computer and the new transponder keys radio signal so that the key will be stored and recognized by the system in the car. Transponder car keys are commonplace in many different cars today, both common and high-end models.

The way transponder key programming works involves a microchip that resides in the top of the key. This microchip has a serial number, which a transponder key programmer has made unique to that key. The electronic engine control units (ECU) will send a request to the vehicle for it to validate the serial number or radio frequency of that particular key. If the car does not recognize the serial number or radio frequency within its set of confirmed and correct numbers, the car will not start.

Two and Four Track High Security Keys (Commonly referred to as LASER Cut or Sidewinder keys) are designed to be highly pick resistant and offer a much higher degree of mechanical security. Typically they are really keys that are cut on the sides, instead of the edges, with a specialized milling machine.

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