Automotive Ignition /Door/ Trunk Locks

SUFFOLK COUNTY LOCKSMITH, INC., is a AAA Certified Service Vendor and provides Automotive Lock repair services to many Auto Mechanic shops and Dealerships! Call us direct and go right to the source !

Symptoms of Ignition Problems

Some factory installed ignitions come with their own set of problems caused by car manufacturers outsourcing these important automotive parts to the lowest bidder, where others become problematic with the simple usage of the key over a period of time and eventually wear and metal shavings clog the ignition and prevent the key from turning. You will begin to notice problems such as difficulty in turning the ignition key, the ignition sticking, feeling gritty or dirty when inserting or removing the key, the key becoming locked into the "on" or "accessory" position, unable to remove the key, and of course the dreaded result, unable to start the vehicle as the key is "stuck". You may receive ill advised advice like, hit the key until it comes loose (or breaks off), use WD40 (which just makes a bigger wet mess), or maybe the old suggestion to "put glue on the broken key and pull out the other half"!

Do not do any of these things! Call Suffolk County Locksmith, Inc., to head off costly and possibly time consuming repairs before too much damage is done and particularly when you first notice the problem.

Ignition Repair

By telling us the make, model and symptoms that your are experiencing with your vehicle, we are often able to determine what the problem is just by speaking with you. We can fix broken and stuck ignitions and are available to come to your location, thus saving the cost of an expensive tow. If you can still turn the key and the vehicle will start, please call us right away so we can help you to determine the best option for you which could include removal, re-keying and replacement, or it may be just a simple Ignition Lock repair. If the key is stuck, we can usually free it and remove it, thus allowing us to disassemble the lock and repair it instead of having to always replace the lock or a damaged steering column or cylinder housing that was forced or destroyed by someone that was not qualified to handle the repair. Unfortunately all too often we are called AFTER that happens and there is no hope of repairing the ignition at this stage, so costs will be higher and special order parts may need to be ordered, often DEALER ONLY parts are not even stocked by the dealership and can take several days to arrive, all to replace something that may have just been a simple repair in the first place!

To help ease the stress of an already difficult situation you should always have on hand our contact information so that in a time of need you do not have to first begin the task of trying to find a professional Automotive car lock repair specialist.

Do Not hire "The cheapest guy out there" You will pay MORE IN THE END!

"The bitter taste of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten "

One of the most important considerations is experience and skill. If the locksmith that you call does not offer any insight into your problem or is has not established a name for themselves as a reliable tradesman, the quality of their work may be in question. There are HUNDREDS of out of town brokers and scammers advertising themselves as LOCAL LOCKSMITHS. Don't trust your security or your valuable possessions to just anyone!

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It makes more sense to hire a firm that has been helping car owners for many years, and that has earned the trust of individual customers and Automotive Dealerships alike, to service your vehicle. Suffolk County Locksmith, Inc., is that company, and is here to help! 24 hours a day, every day of the year!